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Who We Are and For What We Stand 

InMotion Media was established in 2005 with the goal of more effectively reaching individuals in uncluttered environments. We started with the idea that by targeting individuals while they are traveling, or networking away from home, that we can reach the top tier of consumers and business people across the globe, in a manner where our products are part of only a few points of access available to them. We found not only an uncluttered environment, but in most cases the individuals were more open to our messages, revealing uncluttered minds.

To this day, we strive to hire the best people, produce the best solutions, offer the best service, and stand by it with the best support. We set ourselves apart from our competition by still keeping it personal. We actively request feedback, know our customers by first name, integrate their ideas into our opportunities, and measure our success based on their happiness (and profit, of course).

In the Beginning

In 2006, we were fortunate enough to catch the eye of our first partnerships, which was with one of the largest providers of digest news content to hotels, cruise ships and cruise staff. Through this relationship we expanded and in 2007 The New York Times hired us to exclusively represent TimesDigest, initially working with just one distribution and promoting their nationwide advertising opportunities.

We established ourselves by designing new and innovative opportunities for companies of all sizes to access our exclusive demographic reach. We have striven to keep our advertising solutions fresh and relevant on the leading edge of the sales and marketing consumer market.

Some Time Later

Over the next couple of years, our advertising network opportunities have been further developed and expanded. We added local targeted hotel, cruise ships and super yacht advertising. In Hawaii, we partnered with the leading shuttle company to offer advertising opportunities in their luxury shuttle vehicles. In addition, we have taken the TimesDigest Military Edition and expanded readership and advertising, helping keep it free of charge to any active duty member of the United States Armed Services or Department of Defense. We support the exclusive distribution to bases and units throughout the world and continue to work to ensure this product remains a free service, as a way of saying thank you.

Where We Are Now

InMotion Media is poised to continue to make a huge splash in the industry with our superior products and visibility for our partners. As our competition has been acquired, downsized, and been hit hard by the downturn in the economy and changes in leadership, our focus has remained the same and we've grown stronger.

Our Hawaii luxury shuttle vehicle network has now expanded to the US mainland via Seattle. We can now customize TimesDigest for any distribution (and monetize it via advertising). We can make you an iPhone App, an Android App or even custom software because of our internal tech and design team. We can manage your marketing including, CRM database management, Website SEO, Social Media Management, and we offer Traditional and Digital Media Planning. And we can make a logo for you.

We have established ourselves by catering to our customer's requests, holding ourselves to high standards, providing great customer service, and offering the most innovative solutions at the best overall value.

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